Chi Yoga with Cat

Wednesday 5.30-6.45pm (winter)
6.00-7.15pm (summer)

Chi Yoga is a seasonal and intentional yoga practice based on Japanese Yoga, the meridian system and oriental healing arts. Each class has its own intention and focus based on the season, moon and astrological cycles and TCM organs and meridians, to bring greater healing and balance to our WHOLE body (physical body, heart/emotions and spirit).  It also incorporates mindfulness meditation, relaxation, and self-massage. During good weather we will be by the beautiful lake, in wet or cold weather we are in the Bluestone building. ​

$15/20  Bookings essential.

Please contact Cat on 0403 334 808 to book

“Cat’s yoga class is a highlight of my week! When she starts by saying ‘Now take a deep breath and drop in to the space..’ you can feel shoulders all around the room descending several inches. Based on the Chinese 5 element theory, every week we learn a valuable lesson in where we are at in our bodies in relation to the change in seasons.  Such things as foods and practices that can enrich at different times of the year are included in her teachings. I subscribe to each term knowing Cat will bestow me with nurturing, replenishing and healing that carries me all through the week.” 

Alexandra, Wesburn

Empowerment Yoga with Cat

Stay tuned for next class times    $15/20 casual $10 teen

Using yoga and martial arts-inspired exercises to build core strength, tone, flexibility and balance, Empowerment Yoga helps to develop a Strong Mind (calming techniques especially breath awareness to combat anxiety and depression) Strong Heart (courage and compassion for self and others) and Strong Will (self confidence and strong boundaries). By expressing and embodying these qualities we can train ourselves to cope better with anything life throws at us.

All Cat’s Yoga classes require booking!

Unlimited term passes available.