Work exchange

PEACE Farm accepts work exchange  (wwoofers, workaway and helpx) all year round.  Our wwoofer number is VM328.

General duties:

Helpers are expected to work 30-35 hours over 5-7 days (30 hours is the minimum, but helpers often like to work more hours if they are enjoying the work and learning new skills.) Exact hours and days are negotiated depending on weather, farm events etc.

*Please note: the nature of the farm work does require a level of fitness and strength as some duties can be physically demanding.

Duties include:

  • Animal care: We have 4 goats and many chickens.
  • Farm work: propagating, planting, harvesting, weeding and whipper snippering our mandala gardens and small organic market garden. Picking and packing veggie boxes for local families once per week.
  • Keeping the caravans, wwoofer toilet and kitchen clean & tidy.
  • Building: There are often building projects happening at PEACE farm using sustainable building techniques, earth-rendering and cobbing.
  • If you are interested or able to, we may also need and really appreciate help inside the house with cleaning, children, or cooking. Let us know if you are willing to help with this also.

Accommodation and Food:

We have two caravans which can accommodate 3- 4 people and two rooms inside.  We also have a basic kitchen, where helpers can prepare their own breakfast and either lunch or dinner with ingredients we provide. Helpers share one daily meal with the host family.  One of the best parts of PEACE farm is access to our delicious freshly-picked organic veggies, goats milk and eggs. We appreciate if you can let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.  It is your responsibility to bring own snacks or special foods.

*Please note: Smoking is not permitted around any of the buildings at PEACE Farm

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