Womb Connect


Hi, I’m Emilie

I am a Mother, Shamanic Craft Women, Transpersonal Art Therapist, Birthkeeper, and original co-founder of Peace Farm for the first 7 years of establishment of the farm.

I help women to connect with their inner wisdom, trust, freedom, and inner peace.

Womb Connect is about Birth, Recovery, Moon circles, Ceremonies, Medicine drum.

By using a blend of contemporary and ancient practices (such as medicine drum, connecting with the wisdom of the natural cycles) I can help you with reclaiming the soul and the shamanic journey of your birthing experiences, menstruation and life challenges and in doing do, enable you to feel grounded, at peace, confident and resilient.

Womb connect came to life as a response to a deep call to be in service and to share all what I know especially around birth.

My relationship with the sacred deepened as I walked the path of pregnancies and birth. For each passage, I’ve learnt the importance of the soul work and how this can help us move through challenges, become closer to our truth and to be free.

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Soul care

Medicine drum

Womb Connect

Birth offerings

For pregnant women:

  • wanting to be held emotionally and spiritually during their pregnancy
  • wanting to connect with their baby and strengthen trust with the birthing process

For mothers after birth:

  • wanting to debrief their birth stories
  • wanting to heal from miscarriages
  • wanting to heal from traumatic birth experiences

Free access to 7 keys for birth

My birth offerings:

Drum journey to meet with your baby

Connect with your Birth Power Animal

Release fears in pregnancy

Pathways of Birth: package for emotional and spiritual support for the birthing journey

Resilience : for early pregnancy loss; traumatic birth

Blessing the mother: a beautiful heartfelt ceremony to celebrate and honour the rite of passage of motherhood

Birth offerings

Drum making workshop

The medicine drum aligns your heart with the vibration of the earth.

It is a powerful tool that can be used for connecting, relaxing, healing, letting go, receiving guidance, or visioning.

Layne Redmond in her book, When The Drummers Were Women, outlines the fact that women were once the predominant players of drums and they were commonly used as allies in childbirth, rites of passage and other ceremonies.

Find out more about medicine drum and  the next dates

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Moon circles

A simple and effective way to stay connected and aware of the rhythm of the moon is to notice each month your seed within (your vision, intention, dream or desire) that speak to you and that has the potential to grow.

In this circle you will learn to craft your life using the wisdom of the moon cycle.

or 2 hours exchange of help in the garden.

Next date for moon circle

Moon circles


Available in person or via zoom

I have noticed through the years, that sometimes we need a sacred ceremony to shift patterns and beliefs in order to free ourselves and ground long lasting change. This ceremony mobilises your inner forces working on all levels (body, mind, spirit, ancestral) to bring about your desire change. A central part of the ceremony is the role of the powerful witness. I will serve that role.

Blessing the mother: a beautiful heartfelt ceremony to celebrate and honour the rite of passage of motherhood.

Other ceremonies:

Soul care : Create your CEREMONY


Herbs for women’s health

Herbs for womb steam:

This mix nourishes deeply and supports a healthy womb, healthy fertility, healthy cycle or a healthy menopause.

This organic mix herb is home grown and hand crafted.

It contains the most popular herbs for womb steam.

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Womb steam is a very simple and powerful mayan medicine.

Womb Steam baths bring heat to the womb. The water vapor carries the medicinal benefits of the plants, including volatile oils. So the use of specific herbs adds layers of different healing benefits.

The combination of herbs works to nourish, tone, heal, bring in fresh oxygenated blood, promote cleansing, and make supple the vaginal and uterine tissues.

More about healing properties of each herbs:


Relaxing herb
Calms the mind and body


Increases scanty flow


Heal scar tissues
Ease menstrual cramps
Prevents Candidiasis


uplifting herb


Anti-inflammatory herb
Encourages relaxation
Soothes the vaginal tissue
Reduce menstrual cramps

Raspberry leaf:

Strengthens and tones the uterine and pelvic muscles
Nourishing, rich in minerals
Pelvic and uterine relaxant.
Soothes cramps
Help with Endometriosis


” Attending Emilie’s new moon circle was the first time I experienced that glimpse into the feminine, healing, transformative, lunar energy that resides within me as well as everywhere in nature. It opened up a whole new realm of experiencing living, feeling and being. It was the catalyst that kick started my journey towards gathering the bits and pieces of my injured soul and making sense of it all. The book she lent me ‘The mysteries of the dark moon’ was so profound and mind blowing too. Thank you Emilie. For being there with your beautiful energy and wisdom at the right place and right time. “ From Crystal

‘I respect Emilie more than I could ever write in a short testimonial. I hold her and and her work in the highest regard and she has truly changed my life. I was lucky enough to meet Emilie when I was pregnant with my second child. She worked with me throughout my pregnancy and after my baby was born also.
What I love about Emilie, is that she is such a wise and gifted woman and yet, she would never broadcast herself or speak with arrogance. She maintains such grace and humility and this is what makes her so compassionate, understanding and wonderful.
The work I did with Emilie was incredibly profound. I was seeking a shift in myself, and a deeper understanding of my life and deeper understanding of pregnancy. Emilie supported me in all these areas. She supported me to journey within, so I could understand myself in ways that I needed to prepare for my next baby. She introduced me to a whole new way of seeing pregnancy and birth and it was because of her I chose to have a home birth which turned out to be one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Anyone who is lucky enough to meet and work with Emilie will be forever blessed’. From Oneewa

‘A few years ago, I started attending each month Emilie’s New Moon Circle. This has been very insightful and a wonderful record of my inner journey.

Here are some parts… I have a place on earth….Some old painful stories were re-written… A reminder that life is wonderful and I immerse myself and enjoy all aspects of life... A release of guilt for having needs… Thank you Emilie’. From Aileen

My prayer

By making connection with Her, we remember our connection with our truth, the earth & sisterhood 

I honour and acknowledge the land where I am standing,

The traditional custodians of this land, the Wurundjeri tribe,

All my teachers, wisdom and influences that crossed my path.

I honour the divine feminine,

The inner knowing within each of us.

I call in the ancient goddesses,

the ancient wise ones, the grandmothers

to hold us and guide us,

The future generations, the great great great grand children,

May we all live together a connected life

where we all feel peace, love, joy and harmony.