The Thoth Tarot – Art card, is an artistic expression of Alchemy, which has commonly been defined as the art/science of transmuting matter, particularly base metals, into gold.

I believe winter is a perfect time for some ‘soul alchemy’. On a soul level, this could include inner reflection time, transforming life’s often challenging experiences in the crucible of consciousness, distilling spiritual gold in the form of wisdom.

If we slow down, we can review what’s working in our lives and what’s not, taking stock and ‘taking our time’, coming back to the home, the hearth and the heart, bringing our energy back in and down. Down to the roots!

My rhythms and practices change subtly as I start to tend and mend the various holes that have formed in all levels of my existence. As the weather gets colder, I am also reminded of the need to stoke the inner fire, so I introduce more vigorous yoga poses including breath of fire and if I start having fantasies of fleeing up north to the warmer climates, it’s time for me to embrace cold showers! This is not as intense as it sounds, there is a whole Vedic art to this practice called ‘Ishnan’ and I’m happy to share what I know about this.

Ishnan does not involve immersing all of your body in the cold shower at the same time and I start with vigorously rubbing the face, arms, chest, stomach, back, genitals and legs and finish with splashing my face several times. I very often find myself laughing by the end of it! I don’t do this practice when I’m bleeding or sick! The trick for me, is to catch myself just before I get sick, and so far it’s been working quite well and have been practicing this for the past 15 years and I believe cold showers, along with a strong consistent yoga practice, has helped me to move through many trials of life with grace, including: chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia, relationship breakdowns, grief, various illnesses and a stroke. Just the normal stuff! I also believe cold showers are a great way to bring the energy back into the body and wake up!

I think I’ve always been an ‘alchemist’ – taking the time to see value in what’s around me, often things that others discard, and I call it ‘the medicine of the moment’ – I’m constantly asking myself, what’s thriving naturally in the garden? what can be given a second life? What’s my body telling me right now? And how can I allow expression of what is moving through me in ways that are creative and allows me to cultivate responsibility, respect, resilience and resourcefulness?

So, if you think the alchemical path is calling you! stay tuned in Term 3, for a re-birth of RELAB (Community Art Upcycling Project) at PEACE Farm. Wednesdays will find me hosting ‘Skin Sessions'(TBC) in August in preparation of the ECOSS Recycled Fashion Parade, which will be held on Saturday 31st August, and the Sun Festival Parade, to be held on Saturday 21st September, as well as ‘Alchemy Afternoons,’ where the focus will be on ‘giving homeless things a home’ – creating upcycled bags, tool pouches and baskets with the aim of creating ‘sustainable storage solutions’.

In addition, I am now trialling ‘Soul Alchemy’ consultations. This includes a whole swag of alchemical modalities: Vedic numerology, yoga, Indian (Samvahan) massage, bushflower essences and mandala art.

All taking place in the bluestone building at Peace Farm.

For more information, you can contact me on: 0417 985 713 or check out one of my Facebook pages/group: Peace Farm, RELAB, Vicky Basdeo Sacred Arts and Crafts & intagram.

May you deepen your heart connections to self, others, the earth and spirit!

Vicky Basdeo