Organic Tours

At PEACE Farm our organic tours are tailored to meet an individual or groups needs and interests. We offer simple one hour farm tours, half day (2-3 hours) or full day (5 hours) tours which incorporate different options depending on your groups interests and what is available on the day. Lunch or dinner can be provided as optional extras.

Private tour for up to 5 people
Basic 1 hour tour $95
2.5 hour specialised tour $225
(based on your interests ie market garden/tiny home/nursery/living in community)
5 hour specialised tour and activities $415
Lunch $20 per head

Group tour from 6-30 people
Basic 1 hour tour $15 per head
2.5 hour specialised tour $45 per head
5 hour specialised tour $85 per head
Lunch $20 per head

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Women Womb Steam Walk, Talk and Pick Tour

1 hour – $95

Learn basics about womb steam, a anciant, simple and powerful medicine, and harvest your own fresh medicinal herbs amongst the mandala moon garden to take home with you

Tiny house tour

Find out from Vicky and Murray what its like to live in a tiny home and tour their self-built tiny home featured on “Living Big in a Tiny House” youtube channel.

Nourish, relax and heal tour

Nurture yourself with a plethora of healing activities including yoga, massage, soundbaths, tea ceremony and optional dining.

Walk, talk, and taste tour

Explore our food gardens with Farmer Trav as we sample the best of whats growing in our food gardens. Dig up some fresh carrots, pluck a few fresh strawberries or sample some of the many of the super greens we have growing onsite. A family friendly tour suitable for all ages!

Harvest to Table Tour

Minimum time of 3 hours required for this experience.

The guided tour starts in the market garden and surround food forests selecting a diverse range of the freshest organically grown fruit and veg.

We then prepare our feast at our outdoor kitchen in a group workshop cooking environment, working together to put together the ultimate feast.

Market Garden Tour

Minimum time of 2 hours.

 Take a walk through the diverse and abundant market garden with our resident grower “Farmer Trav”. Tour content can be tailored depending on the interest of participants. Topics can include:

 –       Veggie growing success, tips trick and strategies for successful year round production

–       Business and marketing strategies for small scale agriculture production

–       Soil, plant and ecosystem health

–       Crop protection and season extension strategies

–       Kids and family focused making it easy for healthy eating habbits

Seasonal cooking experience

Treat yourself to the best produce the season has to offer with tailored cooking experience. We will explore creative cooking ideas to work with what the season has to offer.

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