Cat McKay

Cat has been teaching yoga and mindfulness for over 15 years and has been a Soul Dance facilitator for over 6 years. She offers practical ways to listen to and trust the body’s wisdom, giving it the love and nourishment it needs. Cat also offers ways to tune in to the healing of nature and the earth.  Cat teaches Chi Yoga, runs Women’s retreats, and Connection and Embodiment workshops. Her passion is to share her love of nature, yoga, dance and embodiment with the world.

Murray Goodchild

Murray’s sessions utilise a range of therapies aimed to bring integration in the whole being resulting in positive outcomes across all areas of life. He has over 15 years clinical experience and has trained in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Narrative therapy and is currently studying Anthroposophical Medicine at IPMT and is also drawing from Process Work therapies.

Travis Heenan

Men’s work facilitator

Emilie Alciato

Hi, I’m Emilie and I help women to connect with their inner wisdom, trust and freedom.
I am a Mother, Shamanic Craft Women, Transpersonal Art Therapist, and co-creator of Peace Farm.
I love supporting women to feel empowered and free, supporting mothers to prepare for a conscious birth, holding circles, creating a medicinal moon garden, talking about womb steams and sharing all I know about women’s mysteries and wellbeing.
I also feel a deep call to “heal the earth one birth at a time”. I’d like to play my part in whatever way I can to support birth by reclaiming trust, love, connection, healing and freedom.

Vicky Basdeo

Vicky brings a deep nurturing presence that fosters reconnection with one’s own inner being. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi (oil) massage for women and couples and Indian Samvahan massage (clothed, for men & women).