in March 2013, after over 2 years of planning and site research, three families made the big leap and took over custodianship of 60 Settlement Rd in Yarra Junction. Our intention? To start a community-run permaculture farm!  Since then we have slowly been transforming the site into a diverse and magical place. We have planted hundreds of trees and thousands of plants over the years and each year we tend, nurture and plant more species and further regenerate the land.

A central element to PEACE Farm is the PEACE Farm Community Supported Agriculture Scheme (CSA). The CSA is fundamentally about restoring the connection between our food and our community.  It is also about the eaters sharing the risks and rewards of the food growing process.  (for more information about CSA’s please click here)

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The PEACE Farm Shop”, is part of the next phase of our journey as we start offering other produce and products that we love to eat and use. There are so many great growers and makers in our area who we would love to share with the world.  Money raised through the farm shop will go towards supporting our food growers and improving facilities here on the farm.