Organic Heirlooms Nursery

Organic Heirlooms Nursery

PEACE Farm Organic Heirloom seedlings are made up of more than 100 varieties grown at PEACE Farm or from seed saved in the valley and seed sourced from quality organic seed companies, suited to the local climate and conditions.  All seedlings for sale are in season now, ready to plant.

This day and age gardeners and eaters are looking for the freedom to grow and eat produce that is grown without chemicals for which I have been providing this service since 2006.       

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With a focus to provide a large range of locally adapted seed, I am always looking for experienced or interested seed savers to grow out, document and save seed to our favourite vegetable and herbs. Interested? Consider a workshop, volunteer, do an internship or contact Matt.


  • Supplying retail nurseries with punnet range and assorted pot sizes for herbs, fruit and flowers

  • Small farmers with punnets, hycos and cells trays.

Orders take 3-4 weeks to be ready for planting. see catalogue:


or request an availability list to see what is available from the surplus range.


Organic Heirloom Vegetable, Herb, Fruit and Seed Nursery

3 month, 6 month and 9 month opportunities for hands on learning in a successful organic nursery. Available from August – May.

You will learn how to:

  • Propagate heirloom veg and herb seeds for farm, market and retail
  • Green manure and cover crops for soil regeneration
  • Prepare soil and plant seedlings for seed saving
  • Take cuttings of herbs and fruits
  • Learn about seed/potting mixes and fertilisers
  • Natural pest and disease management and IPM
  • Grafting (winter)
  • Irrigation and watering
  • Represent at Farmers markets
  • Plant identification
  • Seed saving for security of heirloom varieties
  • Animals in permaculture management
  • Learn how to budget, market and run business operation
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 Seasonal workshops include

  • Seed saving

  • Grafting fruit trees

Planting guide

What to plant now in February


Permaculture design

Whether you are a residential home owner. farm owner or renter, a more sustainable and flourishing lifestyle is achievable with the right planning. A permaculture design will assist and bring clarity to the steps involved of moving towards living your life connected to the earth and the seasons.


Planting schedule

Interested in a planting schedule of your garden? Includes;

  • companion planting and intercropping plan
  • Crop rotation
  • What to plant when

May also  include

  • Composting and worm farming methods
  • Preparing your soil
  • Pest management tips