Men supporting Men

There is something very powerful about men meeting as men and simply being together. We are part of a growing community of men who meet regularly to share our journeys together.  This page is dedicated to sharing those networks, resources and events available for men right now in our local community

Upcoming Events

Dads and Kids Weekend Adventure

This is a calling for Dads (or Male carers)  looking to enjoy special connection time with the kids. We will embark on a journey together working through team challenges involving kayaking, archery, woodworking,  food planting, harvesting and food preparation around fire.


– Have fun!

– Create a positive atmosphere for Dads and Kids to deepen connections

– Foster confidence and safety playing and working in the natural environment

– Develop skills in basic harvesting and food preparation

– Expand the network of Dads (and all Men) committed to being positive role models for our kids


– Facilitated group sessions focused on the kids and Dad’s developing their skills, communication and leadership in the activities undertaken.

– Afternoon tea

– A portion of the main evening meal (participants asked to contribute something to cook around the campfire)

– Big morning cooked breckie

– Basic camping facilities (Own tent required)

What to bring:

– Tent and sleeping gear

– Healthy ingredients to go towards a camp cook up for Saturday night dinner (fruit, veggies, flour, beans, eggs, meat etc)

-Appropriate clothing for the outdoors (rain jackets, good boots).

– Pocket knife, Opinel other something suitable for a young child to use for harvesting and preparing food or some basic green wood whittling (some knives will be available to share).

Expressions of interest for facilitators and participants for the next event now being taken.

Arrangements can be explored to take on kids whom fathers are not present. Please contact Trav to look at possibilities.

Recommended age group for kids is from 4-12 years old.

Dad’s and Kids Group (DGI)

This is for dads and their children, new dads welcome, unstructured play,  father friendly environment, make new friends. Outdoor when possible, indoors at Redwood centre or Yarra Ranges Cafe when raining.

About Aladdin Jones M.ed

Aladdin is a professional counsellor, facilitator, supervisor and adult educator with over 15 years experience in working with families and with men. He is a father of 2 teenage daughters and is an active co-parent. Aladdin worked for 7 years as a family therapist with children and parents particularly in the area of childhood trauma and family violence. He has worked as psychotherapist, counsellor and groupwork facilitator with men (ongoing), youth worker, Health Promotion Officer in engaging men in men’s health, PVAW and gender equality, and Community Development Officer in engaging men in programs.