Our underlying intention for the way we grow our produce is to regenerate and improve the biodiversity and life both in the soil and around the farm.

Our growing/production goals

  • To use biological organic/biodynamic principles for enhancing the soil life

  • Develop food growing systems that are diverse and resilient

  • To select best varieties for seed saving and for preserving locally adapted species

  • To integrate animals into the food growing system to assist in the regeneration of the land and help control pest populations.

  • To be as self resourceful as possible with minimal inputs on the land

Our environment

Our underlying intention the environment we depend on is to steadily increase, fertility biodiversity, carbon and soil moisture. 

  • We are in tune with the natural cycles and remember to observe and adjust our plans accordingly.

  • We carefully integrate livestock with our crop rotation to maintain balance and fertility in and above the soil.`

  • We diligently record significant environmental data relevant to enhancing our decision-making.

  • Soil health and regeneration is our utmost priority, and we do our utmost to protect is from being exposed or tilled.

Our Community

To strengthen and inspire our community to take the necessary steps towards a regenerative and restorative human presence with our Mother Earth.

  • To grow produce in partnership with our local community

  • To host regular events and share helpful and inspiring information for our members

  • To create long lasting partnerships with other local and interstate growers to create a resilient and trusted connection between eaters and growers.

  • To provide a fun, safe and informative learning environment for our next generation of food growers