Community Supported Agriculture

In the mid 1960’s a group of Japanese women took action against the introduction of expensive, poor quality and literally poisoned food coming from the modern industrial system.  The women created what we now refer to today as “Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme.  The women formed cooperatives and started working directly with farmers to source local, affordable and organic food.  Over the past 5 decades the CSA model has begun to flourish in USA, UK  and now Australia.  For more information please check out these articles

Community Supported Agriculture Links

Delivery & Local Food Hubs

We have a number of Local Food hubs set up to help get our produce to our community.

For Exact location of pick up please contact us directly.

Pick Up Locations are:

  • Lilydale

  • Tecoma Uniting Church

  • PEACE Farm! Yarra Junction

In many cases we are only able to do what we do because members are helping us with distribution. Community Supported Agriculture in action!