Ari’s Korean Kim Chi


We have enjoyed getting together over Autumn to do some preserving and making.  With the cabbage harvest we decided to make a series of krauts and kimchis using all the vegetables in season and with

Ari’s Korean Kim Chi2022-05-20T14:52:36+10:00

Cat’s chocolate hazelnut & banana cake


Cat's chocolate hazelnut & banana cake At one of our most recent events I was asked (again) about the recipe for the delicious GF chocolate cake for sale.  I have to say its my

Cat’s chocolate hazelnut & banana cake2019-06-16T00:13:04+10:00

Winter Alchemy of the Soul – By Vicky Basdeo


The Thoth Tarot - Art card, is an artistic expression of Alchemy, which has commonly been defined as the art/science of transmuting matter, particularly base metals, into gold. I believe winter

Winter Alchemy of the Soul – By Vicky Basdeo2019-06-14T01:16:07+10:00

Medicine Drum Making a 2 day Workshop


A two day Shamanic Drum Making Workshop – in which you create your own drum, and delve into your creative/birth process in a circle of women. Making your own medicine drum is a deep and

Medicine Drum Making a 2 day Workshop2019-06-14T04:16:40+10:00

Winter beauty in the garden


  It is a pleasure at that time of the year to walk in the garden and still enjoy bright colors, and seeing the bees buzzing around.     My weekly winter ritual is to

Winter beauty in the garden2019-06-14T00:42:17+10:00
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