We have enjoyed getting together over Autumn to do some preserving and making.  With the cabbage harvest we decided to make a series of krauts and kimchis using all the vegetables in season and with inspiration and direction from new PEACE farm resident, Ari.  We are happy to share here the recipe of his delicious KimChi.

Ari’s Korean KimChi

– Wombok Asian cabbage
– Salt
– Water
– Gochugaru Korean kimchi pepper
– soy sauce
– sesame oil
– spring onion
– Pineapple juice/chunks (optional)


Take a whole wombok Asian cabbage and slice into varied sizes from very thin but leaving a few bigger chunks of around a thumb width.

Fill a large bowl or pot with your wombok, sprinkling a pinch of salt over each inch layer of cabbage as you fill it.

Cover the cabbage with boiling water and leave overnight until soft and semi translucent.

Drain salty water but leave the cabbage moist.

Sprinkle a good handful of Gochugaru Korean pepper through it (don’t worry it’s not too spicy, just a strong chilli flavour)

Give a good slosh of soy sauce/tamari, and a good drizzle of sesame oil and a large handful of diced spring onion and the pineapple juice/chunks if you are including them.

Mix all ingredients until all flavours are amalgamated and jar it up in sterilized jars leaving one inch gap at the top of the jar to avoid overflow when expanding. Push contents down as you fill so that it is submerged underneath the juices and so that no air bubbles remain.

Leave 2 – 14 days depending on ambient temperature, taste every 2 days and push the contents back beneath its juices.