Womb Connect


Womb Connect aims to create a sacred space where women can connect with their deep inner wisdom, cultivate trust and walk their path of heart with freedom and joy.

Womb connect came to life as a response to a deep call to be in service and to share all what I know about women’s mysteries, fertility, birth, health, rite of passage and ceremonies.

My relationship with the sacred deepened as I walked the path of pregnancies and birth. For each passage, I’ve learnt the importance of the soul work and how this can help us move through challenges, become closer to our truth and to be free.

You can connect through:

● New Moon Drum Journey Circles
● Chant de Lune, Medicine Songs for women
● One on one Drum journey session (for men or women)
● Individual WOMBINESSENCE sessions (please enquire about special packages)
● Making your own medicine drum
● Purchasing fresh or dry herbs for nourishing womb steams.
● Volunteering to help out growing medicinal herbs
● Womb Steam Walk, Talk and Pick Tour

Emilie Alciato

Hi, I’m Emilie and I help women to connect with their inner wisdom, trust and freedom.

I am a Mother, Shamanic Craft Women, Transpersonal Art Therapist, and co-creator of Peace Farm.

I love supporting women to feel empowered and free, supporting mothers to prepare for a conscious birth, holding circles, creating a medicinal moon garden, talking about womb steams and sharing all I know about women’s mysteries and wellbeing.

I also feel a deep call to “heal the earth one birth at a time”. I’d like to play my part in whatever way I can to support birth by reclaiming trust, love, connection, healing and freedom.

My free offerings: (free download available soon)

Moon prayers
Menstrual cycle charting
Know your flow

New Moon Drum journey

These circles aim to support you to connect with the natural moon rhythm, listen and trust your inner wisdom

or 2 hours help in the garden

Monday 3rd of June 6-8pm

Wednesday 3rd of July 6-8pm

Friday 30th of August 6-8pm

Chant de Lune, Medicine songs for women

This circle aims to gather women, support eachother, journal, improvise with our voice and medicine drum in order to connect with our unique essence or prayer and give it a voice. This is a very unique format that we hope will support you to sing your heart song.


Next dates to be confirmed

One on one session Drum journey: 90min $115 (for men or women and great for teenagers too)

Drum journeys can assist you to find your own answer regarding any arising issues or questions. Perhaps, you will receive clarity, feel inner peace or find a new focus. Each Drum Journey is unique.

Drum making workshop:

next one: 9/10th of November ($499)

The medicine drum aligns your heart with the vibration of the earth.

It is a powerful tool that can be used for connecting, relaxing, healing, letting go, receiving guidance, or visioning.

“Wombinessence” session:

The chore of any wombinessence session is to focus on and remember our connection with our inner wisdom, our body wisdom, our womb space.

$115 for 1.5 hour session

For who?

For women wanting to cultivate a stronger relationship with their inner wisdom

For women wanting to be empowered with their menstrual cycle.

For pregnant women who want to be held emotionally and spiritually during their pregnancy

For pregnant women who want to connect with their baby and strengthen trust with the birthing process

For women wanting to conceive

For women wanting to prepare for an empowering birth

For women wanting to debrief their birth stories

For women wanting to heal from miscarriages

For women wanting to heal from traumatic birth experiences

For women facing an issue, challenge, or life change

Special packages:

Book 4 sessions 90 min each and receive one extra for free!

(save $115 = one full session for free)

Herbs for women’s health

Herbs for womb steam: 1 bag (enough for 1 steam): $9 (35g gram)

This organic mix herb is home grown and hand crafted at Peace farm.

It contains the top10 most popular herbs for womb steam:

Calendula, rose, lavender, rosemary, sage, raspberry leaves, oregano, basil, marigold, chamomile(Possible addition under request: yarrow, olive leaves, thyme, lemon balm, lemon verbena)This mix nourishes deeply and supports a healthy womb, healthy fertility, healthy cycle or a healthy menopause.

More about healing properties of each herbs:


Relaxing herb
Calms the mind and body


Increases scanty flow


Heal scar tissues
Ease menstrual cramps
Prevents Candidiasis


uplifting herb


Anti-inflammatory herb
Encourages relaxation
Soothes the vaginal tissue
Reduce menstrual cramps

Raspberry leaf:

Strengthens and tones the uterine and pelvic muscles
Nourishing, rich in minerals
Pelvic and uterine relaxant.
Soothes cramps
Help with Endometriosis

Womb Steam Walk, Talk and Pick Tour

1 hour - $95

Learn basics about womb steam, a very simple and powerful medicine, and harvest your own fresh medicinal herbs amongst the mandala moon garden to take home with you.

WOMB = WOmen Mysteries & Blessings.

By making connection with Her, we remember our connection with our truth, the earth & sisterhood –


I Honor and acknowledge the land where I am standing,

the traditional custodians of this land,

All my teachers, wisdom and influences that crossed my path.

I honor, and acknowledge and reclaim the divine feminine,

The inner knowing within each of us.

I call in the ancient goddesses,

the ancient wise ones, the grandmothers

to hold us and guide us,

The future generations, the great great great grand children,

May we all live together a connected life

where we all feel peace, love, joy and harmony.