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Immerse yourself in permaculture for the day at PEACE Farm.

The first Saturday of each month we offer a unique farm experience to our extended community. We delve into the many facets of permaculture and work on practical skills and knowledge to become more resilient, connected and joyful human beings.

Each living permaculture day encompasses 4 Major elements or themes 

– Food as medicine (cooking, preserving foraging ect)
– Garden Farming- “Hands on the land”
– Permaculture Structures (DIY energy and construction projects)
– Wellness and connection

Farm shop and Coop

From 11am our farm shop and dry foods coop is open so even if you can’t make any of the activities your welcome to top up on local and organic produce and dry goods.

Saturday 7th September Details


9am-10am- Nourishing Chi Yoga with Cat.

Start your weekend with a relaxing and revitalising yoga session with Cat.10am- 1pm  Mandala garden blitz

Contact Cat on 0403334808

10am -1pm Healing herbs and beauty in the garden (Free)

Join Emilie to tend the Moon garden, we will be preparing beds, weeding the existing plants and sow direct sowing of herbs and flowers

Please RSVP on our Facebook event!

10am -1pm “The art of Biodynamic composting and gardening”  with Matt Danielle

Join Matt and the PEACE Farm crew as we uncover the magic behind biodynamic practices. Matt will be making a biodynamic compost and also go through the various other soil and foliar applications practiced by Biodynamic growers. Take your gardening and produce quality to the next level!

For bookings please click here

Or contact Matt on 0431311606


1pm-2pm   Join us for a homegrown and organic seasonal communal feast.  (Free for helpers in garden or by donation $10/$15)

Please email info@peacefarm.com.au for catering RSVP

1:30pm- 4:30pm ($50 / $30)   ” Make your own miso and macrobiotic cooking demonstration” with Tomi Maramatsu

Join Tomi, a trained Macrobiotic cook with many years cooking with traditional Japanese culinary and preserving techniques. Not only will you take home your own miso (it will take 12 months to mature) you will also get a tasting of a diverse rand of  wild and wonderful traditional and super healthy foods.

Or contact Trav on 0402118587